provide clean renewable source of energy by recycling organic waste

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House scale Units

there are small units to generate up to 2160 cubic meter biogas and 2700 Kg Fertilizer per year.

Large Scale Biogas Plant

Biogas production can be achieved from biogas plants of very different scales. They can produce energy for gigantic centralized Energy Parks for gas and electric power supply to the national grid.


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About us

Biotech is a limited liability company
Energy from recycling of organic waste

Biotech is one of the new startups founded in Egypt that is dedicated to provid new solutions of energy crisis using biological techniques and that through the establishment of units operating on the decomposition of organic material in the absence of oxygen to produce biogas and natural fertilizer for agricultural Lands ,The company is seeking to find a renewable source of energy through waste recycling to solve the energy problem in Egypt and to provide new solutions to improve the environment

  • Unit Built

    +30 House scale units

  • Target Market

    6 governorates in EGYPT 22.7%

BioTech TEAM

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Mohamed Ghareb

Co-founder & CEO
+2 years experience in biomass field
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Ashraf Ashour

Marketing Manager
4 years experience in Marketing, sale and Business Development.

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